My latest haul

Ok I am a sucker for my makeup and a SALE!  I recently went to Ulta and low and behold there was a clearance on Bourjois Cosmetics everything was $4.99 regular price is $14.99!  I could not pass it up here is a photo of the beautiful colors.  I purchased 4 blushes: Lila's D'or, Ambre D'or, and Rose D'or and 6 eye shadows: Violet Absolu, Ambre Nude, Gris Delicat, and Citron, Givre, Brun Irreel, and Beige Rose.  I don't know if there are any left but check out



 I also got some NARS!!!!!!!!!!!!  They had a great sale 45% off to all artist there is no way I could pass this up I wanted to replace some old blushes that I had anyway!   I purchased 4 colors: Douceur, Angelika, Deep Throat, and Mata Hari.  My fav is Angelika it is such a pretty pink with just the right amount of sparkle and Deep Throat it is truly beautiful!  Blush pricing $26.00

And last but not least Sleek eye shadow palettes!! I have seen a lot of buzz about these shadows but they are in the UK (womp, womp) I would have gotten them off of the site but I really wanted one pallet that they no longer had so I went to eBay (just did a search for Sleek makeup)! I purchased 4 palettes: Acid, Sparkle, Good Girl (favorite!) and Circus.  I am so excited and I can't wait to use them I will blog more about the palettes when I use them but from what you can see they are great!  I do not know the exact price of the palettes but on eBay I paid $13.00 per palette.

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