Spring Fling

When I think spring lip color I think soft light colors pastels like peachy nudes, soft almost bare pinks as well as lovely nudes. Soft is a safe way to go but this year I want women to take a chance, and happy was I to see that COLOR was in the forecast for spring 2012!  Women....Don't think what you can't do think what you want to do!  So many of my clients talk to me about not being courageous enough to wear color on their lips I don't put limitations on my makeup until I try them first.  So ladies don't be shy let it all hang out!  Make your lips POP with the warm weather, have fun and experiment with vibrant corals, lovely shades of red and bold pinks!   Just have fun with your lips and know it can always be wiped off. 
Now wearing a lip color will call for a couple of easy steps:

1.   Always moisturize and exfoliate your lips.

2.   To help with bleeding lipstick apply lip color then take a sheet of tissue (1ply) place of lips then apply a thin layer of translucent powder and apply lipstick again.  Also applying your lip pencil (same color of lipstick) to the entire lip helps as well. 

3.   Not all of us are artist or even have a steady hand so always have Q-tips, makeup remover and foundation on hand.  It is easy cleaning up any uneven lines around your lips.

Following these steps will assure you having success in your fun journey for that perfect lip color.

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