Sephora Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow


After the holiday I had the itch to buy some new makeup (like I need more makeup)!  I went to one of my favorite stores Sephora and found a new product "Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow" they are luminous eyeshadows with a high shine to them.  I fell in love with every color but just purchased three to try them out Shimmery Sand 10, Bronze Brilliance 15, and Moon Glow 35.  I loved them so much I went back a purchased Emerald Facet 25 and Sapphire Shine 30.  The shadows will run you $15.00 each and they are a staple in my kit!  Did I say I love them!!!


Apply a prime to your eye before your eyeshadow is always a must!  This will assure your eyes lasting all day. Urban Decay and MAC Cosmetics make great eye primers Urban Decay has no color so it can be used on any skin complexion  MAC's primer comes in many color ranges that will fit you.   For intensity use a brush like MAC 252,spray brush lightly with water brush eyeshadow then apply.

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