Sleek "Good Girl" Palette

As I promised I am going to do a look with each Sleek palette for review and I worked with the "Good Girl" Palette.  If you remember from my other haul post Sleek is a UK makeup brand that I fell in love with on YouTube.  If you are interested in seeing more you can go to the makeup is inexpensive  $10.00 (but the shipping a little high $13.50 but if you get a lot of products it is still 13.50 so that is ok).   Here are photos of before and after photos of Melanie (my model).



Full on Color

What I used for eyes only

 I based the eye with NYX white shadow base  From the "Good Girl" palette I used Cupcake and Pink Punch (Lid) in the crease I used Candy Floss on the brow bone I used Ambre Nude from Bourjois on the cheeks I used Cupcake as well.

I really loved the pigmentation and they are really smooth!  I really can't say anything bad about the shadows I am really happy I got them, you can use them as shadows or even a highlighter (with lighter colors) or even a blush!   I feel that sleek is a really good buy and I just ordered more!!! can't wait more reviews to come!

Shalonda A.