Sephora and MUA Haul!

Ok, I THINK I over did it today but I have to say everything was a DEAL! I was in Makeup heaven and I am still on my high hours later.
Here is my latest Haul from Sephora and MUA (Makeup Artist Professional). Items listed below with photo and prices.

Total Haul


Saw this palette and fell in LOVE! It runs about $30.00 and the colors are so beautiful one set has more warm tones (gold)
Second set is more cool tones (pinky) they will both come in handy stay tuned for looks!


Sephora Illuminatrice Compacte (Golden) - $5.00 SALE
Sephora Illuminatrice Conpacte (Pink) - $5.00 SALE
I cannot wait to use both Illuminators they are so soft (as you can see by product on my finger) I might get more use out of the Gold for now but the pink won't be left out!


Prisma Crome Burgundy Gem N045 - $5.00 SALE
Prisma Crome Moon Beam N005 $15.00 Reg Price
Prisma Crome Gold Reflection N020 - $5.00 SALE
Prisma Crome Moon Glow N035 -$5.00 SALE
Prisma Crome Dazzle N018 - $5.00 SALE
Prisma Crome Emerald Facet N025 - $5.00 SALE
I blogged about Prisma Crome shadows a couple of months ago I am addicted now seeing some of them where on sale I had to get more! Use them wet or dry wetting your brush will make the color more intense!

Clear Pencil Sharpener - $3.00
Dual Pencil Sharpener - $5.00


While in Sephora I was eyeing the Anastasia brow pencil retailed at $20.00 I have been contemplation getting one when I ran out of my DIOR Universal Brow Pencil but sadly they were out. The sales lady directed me to their Sephora line that they just started carrying and it worked and looked just like the DIOR and the Anastasia pencils almost half the cost! They have a nice variety of colors and if they work the way I hope they work I will be getting them all! I was so excited seeing I am all about the brows I can't wait to try this out! I like how thin it is so I can precisely draw hairs in the brow but the end that has that weird comb??? That thing (and yes I mean thing that is all you can call it) hurts Oh and did I mention they are WATERPROF!!!! I will be posting photos soon as I find a good subject.
Sephora Retractable Eyebrow Pencil retails for $12.00
All items can be found at or any local Sephora store, if you don't see sale items ask sales person to check in the back. I had to ask and found a treasure of deals! I think the makeup on sale is being discontinued so if you like you better get!

MUA (Makeup Artist Professional)
Eyeshadow Palettes

top to bottom to the right
Poptastic Palette - US $6.21
Heaven and Earth Palette - US $6.21
Pretty Pasteles 4 pounds - US $6.21
Mini Master Class - US $6.21
Going for Gold - FREE with purchase of 2 or more palettes

I learned about these palettes through my favorite YouTube makeup artist Pixiwoo sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman I really love these palettes they are highly pigmented and smoothed coverage! MUA products can be purchased thru their website or I purchased mine thru MUA store and they are really timely on the delivery too!