The Star In You!

I Recently collaborated with my great friend hairstylist Meatta B on a small project to take celebrities looks and redo them on everyday women! Meatta and I had so much fun working on this project we will be posting more redo's some will consist of Trends, popular looks and product reviews please stay tuned! We both would like to thank our models Barbara Tina Gonzalez, Tisha Parker, and Elly Strzalkowski you were all such good sports!

This first look came from the Oscars Red Carpet with Milla Jovovich and Elly was the perfect person for this look!  Don't you Think???

Elly is one of my best clients!  Meatta had a pleasent surprise when you saw that Elly had cut her hair off but with Meatta hair is never a problem!

Here we took a look on the internet from Kerry Washington I took this look from a shoot for a magazine and just punched up the lip color a little

Tisha had the perfect face she is really beautiful!

Last but not least I really loved Jennifer Lopez so I had to do this look in my own way! 

Barbara "Tina" has the best heads of hair.