New Year, New Look, New Phase!

Hey wanted to let you know that starting January I will be moving to and will no longer be on please stay tuned to get more details on this here and on Instagram!  Thanks

'Tis The Season!

Ok first I have to say I am sorry for not posting much this year but a woman has been busy and lazy at the same time HA!!!!!  So to make up for my absence I am ending year 2013 with a Giveaway!  This is my first one so let’s see how this goes.  Anyone who knows me knows I love a RED lip you can catch me in it most of the time, but there are also times I can be caught in a beautiful nude lip too.  This nude lip trio from MAC Cosmetics is a no brainer and I would love for one of you to fall in love with as much as I am in love with it.   The lippies are Siss Lipstick, Myth Lipglass, and Cork Lip Pencil!!!!!  A great nude lip look like what I did in this video and photo!  Rules are simple: First you must follow my blog and follow me on Instagram (link on this page) you also must repost this giveaway on Instagram on your page and Like the photo with my hashtag #shalondaamua or #makeupbyshalondaa!  The winner will be randomly picked in January 1, 2014.  I thank everyone who has supported me through the years and love all of you dearly!  Please have a safe and happy New Year!!!



I worked!!!!!! Mercedes Fashion Week Fall 2013

Ok, ok, ok!!! I totally forgot to blog about me working the Mercedes Fashion Week Fall 2013. Everyone who knows me knows that working any fashion week was a dream of mine and I was so blessed and I mean blessed to say I was allowed the opportunity to work New York Fashion Week!!!

The makeup was headed by my makeup mentor (MUM) Ms. Vanessa Evelyn of Petra Alexandra Inc. she was so generous to invite all her graduates to work alongside her for this great event. De

Designer Omar Salam clothing line Sukeina was a dream! The clothes where just sick and I really wish I could fit them! The materials and colors just screamed fall love, love, love..... So blessed to be a part of the team. This opportunity gave me so much more that just working fashion week I gained family and friends that will stay with me forever!

"Thank you MUM (Ms. Vanessa Evelyn) I know I would have never had this opportunity without you! Thank God for you!"


Hair was headed by Amoy and the Amoy Couture NY team!


Me getting into my work.

My Beautiful MUM working her magic!

Far left you can see designer Omar Salam with makeup team (family)

Giving you a snatched face!

My Brown Box!

Brown Box is first ever subscription beauty service and ecommerence platform dedicated to women of Color.  When CEO & Founder Brittney Marshall asked me to do the makeup for the inserts  for the beauty boxes being shipped all around the United States I felt blessed!  Please go to and check the box out.  The Beauty Box is great it has such lovley quality qroducts.  When I received a box I was so pleased with what was in the box, a beautyful body sugar scrub, lipstick pencil and other goodies it was nice!  Here are some behind the scene photos and the finished look!

Photography by: Dante Marshall
Styling: Brittany Marshall
Makeup: Shalonda A.
Hair: Meatta B.

First Brown Box Shoot

Finished Product

Second Brown Box: Photography by: Dante Marshall
                                     Styling: Brittany Marshall
                                     Makeup: Shalonda A.

Finished Product!

Magazine Business

It's been a while since I posted any blogs and I apologize for that! I have however been busy and have lots of post to put up. Lately I have been working with local Metro Detroit Magazine Ambassador Magazine. I would like to thank the teams on all shoots I worked on and appreciate them for making me a part of the team!

Janurary Issue Ambassader: Photographer Dante Marshall
                                              Stylist: Maurice Jones
                                              Hair: Charlee Musselman
                                              Makeup: Shalonda A.

February Issue Ambassador: Photographer: Dianne Berggren
                                               Stylist: Maurice Jones
                                               Hair: Charlee Musselman
                                               Makeup: Shalonda A.