Sleek Blush By 3!!!!

I am always in the mood to buy makeup, no I might not need it but just maybe it could make my life better! So while searching one of my favorite makeup sites I came across  a new product they where featuring...something I didn't have from Sleek that I wanted. Sleek has come out with the wonderful palette blush colors three colors in each palette named Blush BY 3. They are so beautiful and the pigmentation is out of this world!! I am never disappointed with most of Sleeks makeup products and with Blush by 3 I am their product junkie for life! They have five palettes named, Pink Sprint, Sugar, Flame, Lace and Pumpkin. I purchased 4 of the five as you can see here. If you love blush this is a great product to try!

Colors shown: Pink Sprint, Sugar, Pumpkin, and Lace

Here Sugar should have been called Brown Sugar!  I love the colors they are just beautiful for women of color.

My Favorite is Pink Sprint this is a great combination of pinks and plums I have used the middle color as an eye color as well.

Pumpkin is a wild card the bright oranges and baby doll pink is to die for!

Lace is probably the most versatile palette I find this to be my go to palette. Its warm colors almost match every complexion.

Now Sleek is a UK based makeup brand so you will be paying overseas shipping which is $10.00 and the blush palettes are $15.99 each.  I always suggest getting everything you want at once so you can get the most out of that shipping price I am sure you will find more to buy!!

Doll Eyes!

There are many great spring/summer makeup trends and one that stands out to me are the Louis Vuitton 2012 Spring/Summer runway show the look is called "Doll Eyes". This look calls for the eyes to look very "flirty" eyes with lashes for days! Here I used the so cute Sidney she had the perfect face and brows (everyone knows I love a good set of BROWS). I wanted to make the look more wearable so I choose to use lashes that were a little tamer. Hair was done by none other than Meatta B.

"Doll Eyes"

Prep clean up brows

Completed look