I worked!!!!!! Mercedes Fashion Week Fall 2013

Ok, ok, ok!!! I totally forgot to blog about me working the Mercedes Fashion Week Fall 2013. Everyone who knows me knows that working any fashion week was a dream of mine and I was so blessed and I mean blessed to say I was allowed the opportunity to work New York Fashion Week!!!

The makeup was headed by my makeup mentor (MUM) Ms. Vanessa Evelyn of Petra Alexandra Inc. she was so generous to invite all her graduates to work alongside her for this great event. De

Designer Omar Salam clothing line Sukeina was a dream! The clothes where just sick and I really wish I could fit them! The materials and colors just screamed fall love, love, love..... So blessed to be a part of the team. This opportunity gave me so much more that just working fashion week I gained family and friends that will stay with me forever!

"Thank you MUM (Ms. Vanessa Evelyn) I know I would have never had this opportunity without you! Thank God for you!"


Hair was headed by Amoy and the Amoy Couture NY team!


Me getting into my work.

My Beautiful MUM working her magic!

Far left you can see designer Omar Salam with makeup team (family)

Giving you a snatched face!

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